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[ Next on Gilmore Girls ]
January 14: That'll Do, Pig.

From TV Guide:
Three Lorelais may be one too many when Marion Ross makes another appearance as Richard's demanding mother.
Grandma Lorelai arrives unexpectedly for Richard's 60th birthday dinner, surprising everyone. Now Emily, who is less than thrilled with the impromptu visit, must deal with hosting the party and pampering her mother-in-law. Back in town, Rory tries to convince a reluctant Jess to accompany her to the Stars Hollow High Winter Carnival. He is not exactly sold on the idea until they bump into Dean and his sister. When Jess hears that they may attend, he makes up his mind about being Rory's date for the evening.

From the WB:
Lorelai has to miss Stars Hollow's Winter Carnival when Great Grandmother Gilmore pays a surprise visit and insists on having dinner with Richard and Emily at Lorelai's inn, where she makes a surprise announcement. Meanwhile, Rory's plans to enjoy the carnival with Jess are complicated when they run into Dean and his little sister Carla.

[ Spoilers ]
About Jess on next episodes.

3.10. That'll Do Pig.

From Spiced: Jess isn't going to go to the carnival till Rory runs into Dean and Clara, and then he decides to join them. Jess and dean get into another argument about Dean trying to get back in Rory's life. Mo fists though.

Jess isn't really jealous, just wondering what Dean's trying to do. It's more like Jess is very aware of how he got Rory and he doesn't want to lose her the same way. He actually plays it very cool with Rory.

From mrsvw: Jess does confront Dean at the carnival about how Dean's trying to be friends with Rory. Dean pretty much admits that he wants to be friends with Rory because wasn't that how Jess got Rory, by being her friend. Jess tells Dean that his actions are "transparent". Dean finds Jess's protestations amusing. It seems he wants to give Jess a little of his own medicine, so to speak. Jess isn't jealous just angry. Maybe a bit of his insecurity.

Jess is angry because Dean is trying to be friends with Rory in order to try to "win" her back. Dean brings his sister, Clara, to the carnival and of course she loves being with Rory and wants to include Rory in with Dean and her activities.

Rory doesn't see anything wrong with going to the carnival with Dean and his sister because she thought that Jess didn't want to go.

From mrsv: The difference between Rory/Jess and Rory/Dean is made obvious in ep #10. When Jess talks to Rory about Dean and the friendship-thing, Rory is honest with him, where she never was with Dean when it came to Jess or Tristan. I guess she learned her lesson or has grown up some. And of course it helps that Jess's reaction is not raging jealousy, but a tentative trust.

3.11. I Solemnly Swear .

From mrsvw: Jess in not in episode #11, but he will be back in episode #12.

3.12. Lorelai Out of Water .

From mrsvw: Rory and Lane talk about Jess and Lane does say she hasn't liked him but will try because of Rory (kind of the same tone as Lorelai). The two girls even mention a possible double date with Lane/Dave and Rory/Jess.

3.14. Swan Song .

Jess goes to Friday dinner with Rory.

Rory runs into Dean at Miss Pattys and Jess gets mad.

Jess shows up to dinner with a black eye.Jess and Rory fight about the black eye.

Jess and Luke talk about the fight with Rory.

From spiced: no, Jess doesn't get the black eye from Dean.

Emily is nice about the whole situation [Jess at dinner] in front of Rory, but to Lorelai she calls him a thug or something like that.

And i don't want to say why or how Jess gets the black eye cause it's a main point of the story (he won't tell anyone why) and it's really funny.

[Jess] won't tell her [Rory] how he got it [the black eye] and she thinks he fought with Dean. Then Jess avoids her calls, etc. (This is all tentative per the final script) Luke ends up telling Jess that he needs to get it together or he's gonna lose her.

This same episode, Lorelai and Rory do discuss sex and Rory admits near the end that it is a possibility. And it doens't stem from Emily, Rory and Lorelai talk about it.


[ Why we love Milo ? ]

Mags / Milo is one of the best actors in the world! He is perfect as Jess on G.G and he is so beautiful! I love his tatoo and how he loves his family! He is perfect, I especially love his messy hair, it is just so sexy! He is a great actor, he can play a smart, rough around the edges but soft on the inside type of guy like Jess! He can also play a gay person in the movie a Boys Life 2, which is excellent! He can also play an excellent bad guy as shown on Csi! He is perfect and I love him for all that he is!

Stephanie / He is very good looking, seems to have his own unique style, he got the bad boy act down, he's a vegetarian (like me!). I think that Milo is a great actor and I am glad that he is Jess on Gilmore Girls. I think that if I met Milo, he'd be a down-to-earth kind of person.

Maura / I love milo because he doesnt seem full of himself like many actors. He doesnt relize how beautiful he really is. And how much talent he really poss.

Sabrina Rose / He is always playing that sexy bad-news guy! From what I read he has a really good personality along with his very hot look. Now that's a good combo! P.S: have to add he is a very good actor.

Lavender / He projects a sense of calm composure as Jess on the Gilmore Girls. This is what makes him a delight to watch on every episode.

Amanda Mount / Hey! I love Milo because he is an awesome actor and picked one of the best shows to be on, and he finally got Rory (obviously as his character) and he is gorgeous but he seems like a really down to earth, nice guy which makes him twice as great! I love him because of all of that and plus his character is so great and i think Jess is just the perfect guy especially for Rory!

Lux / He reassures us that there are still guys in the world who can be smart and sweet but at the same time irresistibly luscious.

Anne / What can you say or do: The eyes, the smile, the body, even his watch is sexy! And then there's the true talent.

Hang / I love Milo because he isnt like other actors. Most other actors are all caught up in show biz but Milo is more laid back. He isnt conceited. He dosent look like hes acting just for the money. His character on gilmore girls is just amazing. He seems like such a nice guy, and yet he can still be 'the bad guy' on gilmore girls. Now thats really good acting. Plus he is so fine. And handsome. And cute. And all those other good words...lol.


[ Why you love Milo ? ] (be original, please).


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I Love Milo because...

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