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Ask Marilyn
E! Online
December 3, 2002.
(taken from Gilmore-Girls.Net)

Dear Marilyn: Can you tell me more about Milo Ventimiglia on Gilmore Girls?
Sarah Powells, Houston

Dear Sarah: Milo, whose mother is a first-grade teacher and father a graphic artist, was raised in Southern California and decided at eight that he would be an Oscar winner one day.

At 18, he entered San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater for its summer program and went on to UCLA, where he majored in theater.

The 24-year-old hottie, who loves boarding (skate, snow and wake), tells me Gilmore Girls is his mother's favorite show. He didn't tell her when he got a chance to audition for the part, because he didn't want her to get excited, only to have him lose out.

"When I did tell her they wanted me to be a regular, she let out a yell of victory," says Milo. His buddies asked if he could get them on the set, because "those girls are so hot!"

 Gilmore Girls Spoilers / Milo related (If you want to be surprised when the episodes air, donŽt read these spoilers).

Episode 3.14 (Swan Song)

From opossum:

Jess goes to Friday dinner with Rory.

Rory runs into Dean at Miss Pattys and Jess gets mad.

Jess shows up to dinner with a black eye. Jess and Rory fight about the black eye.

Jess and Luke talk about the fight with Rory.

Lorelai and Rory have a sort of talk about sex.

From spiced:

No, Jess doesn't get the black eye from dean.

And I don't want to say why or how Jess gets the black eye cause it's a main point of the story (he won't tell anyone why) and it's really funny.

[Jess] won't tell her how he got it [the black eye] and she thinks he fought with Dean. Then Jess avoids her calls, etc. (This is all tentative per the final script) Luke ends up telling Jess that he needs to get it together or he's gonna lose her.

This same episode, Lorelai and Rory do discuss sex and Rory admits near the end that it is a possibility. and it doens't stem from Emily, Rory and Lorelai talk about it.

From GilmoreGirls.Org:

Episode 3.12 (Lorelai Out of Water).

Jess is wiping down tables in the diner after the lunch rush. An attractive thirty-something woman, Nicole Vaupen, in a "serious but snappy" business suit enters the diner and asks Jess for "Lucas Danes". Jess is amused by this and calls for Lucas, saying that the IRS is there. Nicole tells Luke that she's not the IRS, but Taylor Doose's lawyer. Luke is thrilled, of course. He gets her a cup of coffee. He had asked Taylor just to walk the lease agreements over, and cracks jokes with Nicole about having to deal with Taylor on a regular basis. She tells him that Taylor is one of her firm's select clients, and they all deal with him on a rotating basis. This happens to be her month. Luke finishes signing the lease agreements and Nicole gives him her business card and tries to pay for her coffee. He says that it's on him. After Nicole leaves, Jess remarks, "Well, that was an interesting show." Luke tries to deny that he knows what Jess is talking about and tells him to shut up.

Back in the diner, Luke grabs the coffeepot from Jess. "Shut up." "I said nothing." "Well, don't."
Luke goes and fills more coffee cups as Jess smiles at him.

Lane and Rory discuss Rory and Jess's relationship. Lane says that she hasn't liked Jess but will try to for Rory's sake. They even discuss the possibility of a double date; Rory with Jess and Lane with Dave.

Jess Mariano: Jess gets a black eye in episode 3.14. The circumstances of the black eye are really funny; it's nobody else's fault, he didn't get it in a fight or anything, but he won't tell anyone where he got it. He shows up to the Gilmore Friday dinner with it. He and Rory then fight about it, and he won't return her phone calls. Luke then basically tells him that Jess needs to get it together or he's going to lose Rory.

TV Gal Has Seen the Rest, Now She Lists the Best: Jess as Best Bad-Boy Boyfriend. Take a look Here.
Milo in WB promo:


Vote for Jess & Rory as the Tv Couple youŽd most like to see on the cover of Ym Magazine Here.


Star Magazine Article.

Star Hottie: A Car Nut Will Keep Your Motor Runnin (11.26.02).

Milo Ventimiglia plays bad-boy Jess on the WB's Gilmore Girls, but this yummy chunk of eye candy is as sweet as tehy come in real life. "I'm tough on the outside and soft on the inside," says Ventimiglia, 25. "I'm really a shy guy." The well-read romeo also admits he was the "all-around good kid in school that parents never had to worry about." Though the california native is still a perfect angel, he can resist snowboarding, skateboarding and worshipping Evelyn - '67 chevelle super sport car! "I'm totally devoted to muscle cars," he admits. "I've got a wish list of about five i'm on the lookout for right now." But if you wanna snag a date with this catch, stay off the club scene. "I'm a homebody," says the single stud. "I'd rather be in the kichen cooking than hanging out in a bar." Ok, Milo. We'll drink to that!.

OK, You remember a poll about the cover of YM?: Milo won!. He will be in the March 2003 issue of YM and will be available in Feb. 2003.

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Article: "Gilmore Girls" w/o the suds, please.

WBs hit drama is stooping where it need not.

By Dan Jewel / Media Life / 11.11.2002:

Last year "Gilmore Girls" raided the dumpster of "Dawsons Creek" scripts and introduced a love triangle. For what seems like an eternity now, Rorys been dithering between Dean (Jared Padalecki), her wholesome , sweet, doting boyfriend, and Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), the bad-boy new kid in town.
This has been painful to watch.
Deans simply dull. (Though the actors alarming weight loss from last season to this one, unacknowledged on the show, briefly gave me hope that Dean had a hidden heroin problem. Or at least a tapeworm.).
And Jess isnt nearly bad enough to be interesting. If the writers made Rory, a nearly flawless human being, fall for someone with genuine problems, we might care.
But we know Jess is bad because he scowls. He doesnt do well in school. He oozes apathy. In other words, hes just as boring as Dean.
Theres very little discernable chemistry between any of them.
Tonights episode, at 8 p.m., features a 24-hour dance marathon, of the type that only seem to be held on television. The soap-opera plot progresses in a way I wont divulge, except to say that its done in even clumsier fashion than usual.
In fact, a brief exchange between Lorelai and Luke, the towns hunky diner owner, contains more sexual tension and genuine emotion than a years worth of overwrought Dean-Rory-Jess-dom.
Tonights episode brings out some of the shows other annoying tendencies. The small-town residents, meant to be charmingly quirky, are best appreciated in extremely small doses. We get an awful lot of them tonight.
But the shows writing is as sharp and clever as ever. (Lorelai: "My shoe brokeI need you to fix it." Luke: Do I look like a cobbler to you?" Lorelai: "If I say yes, will you fix my shoe?")
And for the most part, when it avoids the teen love twist, "Gilmore Girls" is still far more intelligent than the vast majority of slop filling the airwaves.
Lorelais profoundly strained relationship with her own snooty parents (Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann, both wonderful), once frustratingly one-dimensional, has developed a complexity of its own.
And Rorys inevitable graduation and departure for college (shes hoping for Harvard, of course) has given her time with her mother a newly wistful quality.
The show may have a tough time dealing with that shift next year, but theres a consolation: Dean and Jess can be left behind.

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Milo and other wb stars came together in a Verb Commercial. (Source:miloventimiglia.net)